10 Coolest Accessory Trends from Spring/Summer 2018 Fashion Weeks

Accessory trends that are currently taking the fashion world by storm

When it comes to creating a memorable outfit, clothing isn’t the only element you need to get right. Your accessories also need to be on the point. Otherwise, your whole look could be ruined quickly. To ensure that your entire ensemble appears absolutely on-trend and fashionable, we’ve rounded up the season’s top accessories. From Milan and Paris to New York and London, these chic bags, hats, shoes and more were among the best Street style Looks of the spring / summer 2018 show season. So add them to your shopping list ASAP as these incredible accessory trends are taking the fashion world by storm.

1. Baker boy hats

Baker boy hats are officially back in style and look better than ever. Today this classic hat can be seen by seriously chic ladies all over the world. Casual but cool baker boy hats are perfect for your favorite weekend ensembles. Whether with jeans, a dress or even a chunky knit – this stylish accessory always looks good. So say goodbye to your popular wide-brimmed styles because this is the must-have of the season.

Baker boy hats


2. Belt pouches

Belt bags continue to dominate the street style world with their unique aesthetics and practical appeal. These hands-free handbags combine function and fashion and give every outfit a glamorous, useful touch. From sporty belt bags to slim, structured designs, belt bags are available in different designs and can be worn in a variety of ways. Hence, this accessory trend is one that any woman can wear regardless of her style.

Belt bags


3. Red thigh-high boots

Shoes look very hot this season with red thigh high boots taking center stage. These eye-catching shoes are ideal for anyone looking to make a statement. You are brave and sexy. Whether you’re rocking this look in patent leather or something softer, you better be ready to turn your head. For those who want to spice up their outfit even further, a red everywhere Ensemble is a perfect choice.

Red thigh-high boots


4. Matrix glasses

This season, protect your eyes from the sun in style with Matrix glasses. These retro sunglasses are reminiscent of the slim black frames from the film of the same name and are sleek, narrow and sharp. As unexpected as cool, the Matrix glasses look surprisingly chic in 2017. Hence, celebrities as well as street style stars have made these sunglasses their current choice. Add a pair to your own collection of accessories to impressively complement trendy outfits.

Matrix glasses


5. Shoulder-grazing statement earrings

Statement earrings have been the must-have gem for the past couple of seasons, and they’re not going away just yet. In fact, statement earrings seem to be getting bigger and bigger in both popularity and size. Today these eye-catching earrings have reached new shoulder grazing lengths. If you want to give your rags a bold fashion update, be sure to pick the longest and loudest pair you can find.

Statement earrings that graze shoulders


6. Shoulder bags with a short strap

If the belt bag is a little too fat for your taste, a shoulder bag with a short strap is an excellent trend alternative. This chic bag style has become just as popular as the belt bag without being quite as eccentric. To rock the look, just choose a shoulder bag with an adjustable or short strap. Then wear it over your body so that the bag sits at or just below your chest. Just make sure the style isn’t too bulky or your look could go from fantastic to awkward quickly.

Shoulder bags with a short strap


7. Black berets

If you are looking for a trendy hat that is feminine too, miss out on the baker boy this season and opt for a beret instead. This classic French hat is perfect for completing outfits in a chic way. To enhance the look, just go for a black beret. The neutral color keeps your look elegant and can be easily combined with a range of outfits. Also, remember to keep an eye on the fabric. Avoid casual knitting styles and choose more textured wool and leather designs for a modern take on this trend.

Black berets


8. Bold platform shoes

If you want to upgrade your look and height this season, there is no better accessory than bold platform shoes. Yeah, those thick and chunky shoes from that 70s and 90s are back and dominate the street style scene. Perfect for those who want the height of high heels with no pain, these quirky shoes are big and comfortable. All you have to do is choose your favorite style. From chic sandals and retro slippers to Grunge Ankle boots and eccentric sneakers, platform shoes offer a style for every fashion-conscious lady this season.

Brave platform shoes


9. Sacks of straw

Sacks of straw are no longer just for the beach. They are for brunch, shopping, movies, and anywhere you want to take them with you. Invest in this accessory trend now, because you want to have a straw sack with you all season long. Fortunately, there are many styles that you can choose from. Classic tote bags, cute clutches, and round wicker bags are just a few of the fantastic straw styles.

Straw sacks


10. Jewel colored velvet

In 2017, fashion increased in volume, favoring a range of bold and daring looks. Among these eye-catching outfits and pieces of clothing, gem-colored velvet accessories have stood out and won hearts. Whether a bag or a pair of shoes, these luxurious and glamorous items have adopted many fashionable ensembles and made them even better. From ruby ​​red to sapphire blue, the colors of these chic accessories were just as bold and trendy as the material itself.

Jewel tinted velvet



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