10 Statement Accessory Trends to Elevate Your Style


While it’s easy to reach for your classic black handbag, subtle cat-eye sunglasses, and simple pumps when you leave the house, it’s not always your best bet. Accessories can transform outfits and take your style to an extraordinary new level. So, choosing the same pieces every day and foregoing statement shoes, bags, jewelry, sunglasses, and more can do a disservice to your fashion conscious self. To really complement your look, you need pieces that stand on their own and don’t just fade into the background. In particular, you need these statement accessory trends that promise to upgrade your style this season.

1. Bejeweled bags

While there is always room in our closets for a classic and timeless handbag, sometimes it is simply not cut. In those cases when you need something more unique than your regular black crossbody, you should turn to Jewel Bags. Perfect for making a statement, these chic and ornate designs are loud and proud. Choose from styles adorned with jewels all over the place or those with more subtle tastes that suit your personal tastes. With these dazzling handbags you can also embellish a minimalist outfit or take an already glamorous look to the next level.

Bejeweled bags


2. Berets

The favorite hat this season is the beret. The statement style, a departure from the fedoras and floppy brim hats of previous seasons, is perfect for adding a chic French touch to any outfit. The style is also more feminine and elegant than a beanie, making it a great alternative for occasions when you want a taller look. To rock this accessory like a street style star, first choose a classic beret in a neutral color. Black is an especially good choice and can go with anything and everything. Then combine your beret with a contemporary and exciting outfit for a fabulous French look.



3. Hoop earrings

Thanks to the incredible return of the 90s fashionHoop earrings are back. These simple but sassy earrings are one of the biggest jewelry trends this season and are great to try on. Whether your personal style is elegant, sporty, punk, or anything in between, hoop earrings can work for you. The only rule of this accessory trend is to keep style minimal and size maximal. Hence, hoop earrings that are thin, large, and devoid of intricate jewels or shapes are the ideal option to rock this look.

Hoop earrings


4. Low and pointed pumps

Sky-high stilettos and casual sneakers have been swapped for pumps with pointy toes and kitten heels this season. Offering the best of both worlds, these statement shoes are not only elegant and stylish, but also comfortable and practical. Therefore, small pointed pumps are perfect for roaming the streets during the day and reaching the city at night. Whether you are going for brunch, dinner, or even cocktails, this fabulous shoe style can get you there. While you can pair your little pointy pumps with many outfits, they look especially chic when worn with raised casual pieces.

Low and Pointed Pumps


5. Mismatched earrings

If you’re not rocking hoop earrings this season, you are most likely wearing a mismatched pair. This eye-catching accessory look comes from last season’s single earring styles, where women would rock one earring and leave the other lob free. This updated version has a different design that is worn on each ear for a contrasting aesthetic. The trick to making this unique look appear stylish is to choose pieces that are similar but not the same. Remember to confuse things with any other shape or size.

Mismatched earrings


6. Oversized D-frames

Every season, one style of sunglasses is a clear favorite in the fashion set. This season, oversized D-frame sunglasses dominate. These big and bold sunglasses were spotted everywhere during European Fashion Weeks, and you’ll want to rock them too soon. Featuring a flat top and large D-shaped lenses, these oversized glasses make a loud statement with a cool retro reference. To properly rock this trend, steer clear of metal-framed designs and go for plastic styles instead. If you keep things simple with a black, clear, or tortoiseshell frame, this statement style won’t get out of hand.

Oversized D frames


7. Ring carrier pockets

Just as pearls and gemstones transform simple handbags into statement pieces of jewelry, so do circular metal handles transform traditional designs into ultra-chic ring carrier bags. This cool accessory style is one of the biggest trends of the season and it’s easy to see why. Ring carrier bags are just as practical as a normal top-handle bag, but they look infinitely fresher. They offer fashionability without compromising functionality. Best of all, ring handles work with any type of bag, so you can keep using your favorite shape for handbags while trying this new trend.

Gets bars bags


8. Sculptural heels

The worlds of art and fashion often collide and lead to incredible results. This season, these separate but interconnected worlds collided again to give the shoes an artistic dose of sculpture. The heels in particular have been sculpturally reworked to say goodbye to their traditional shapes and to welcome new, unique and eye-catching silhouettes. Top hats and abstract wave designs were just two of the statement styles this trend saw this season. Whether you want to wear boots, mules or slippers, this trend is ideal if you want to put your feet in the spotlight.

Sculptural heels


9. Contrasting toe cap shoes

If you like the boldness of sculptural heels but want a slightly more practical shoe look, consider trying contrasting toe cap shoes. Contrasting toe cap shoes, while not as unique as sculptural styles, are sure to draw eyes to your feet. The look can be found on all shoe styles, including block heels, boots, and flats, and features a piece of leather, PU, ​​or metal that covers the toe of the shoe. For a classic take on this trend, you can try a cream or beige shoe with a black toe cap. If you want to try a slightly more fashionable design, consider a style with a metallic toe cap.

Contrasting cap toe shoes


10. Vintage specs

2017 is chic to be a geek and the glasses are cool. Need to see them or not, glasses are a stylish accessory and have gotten a lot of street style reputation this year. Vintage style specs in particular are the best of the range and can easily complement any weekend outfit. As well as being uniquely stylish, traditional specs are also an inexpensive trend. When you buy a pair for less than $ 30, you’ll love the power it has to transform your look at such a low cost.

Vintage specs



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