Top 10 Street Style Trends from A/W 2017 Fashion Weeks

XXL collar and lapel

When summer is officially over, it’s time to put those shorts and bikinis away. When it comes to knowing what’s going to be big this fall and winter, street style is the place to go for inspiration. From London to Paris, we’ve rounded up the best street style trends from the Fall / Winter 2017 fashion weeks. Whether you want to know which shoes to rock or how to wear pants with a frill bottom, you will find all the answers here.

1. Ruffle pants

Ruffles and ruffles were huge last season and continue to dominate the fashion world in 2017. This season, you should rely on pants instead instead of relying on tops and dresses. Ruffle hem pants are the latest update to this trend and a great way to rock the look with a new twist. While ruffle-trimmed pants are undoubtedly a statement, they can be adjusted to suit your style and tinted up or down. If you love a bold look, opt for must-have ruffles that start higher on the leg and have more volume. If you prefer a more subtle look, choose a version with a mini ruffle that sits on the ankles or in the middle of the shin.

Ruffled pants


2. Lace-up shoes

This season, the street style stars have got themselves tangled, tied and wrapped in every possible way. While some wore oversized belts and others wore elaborate buckles, the lace-ups glowed brightly. No, we don’t mean lace-ups or boots. We mean elaborately and interestingly laced trousers, jeans, dresses and jackets. The trend, which is sure to be a hit this winter, came in two main forms. First, there were the bold and sometimes provocative styles that created graphic flashes of skin and included the addition of metal eyelets. Then there were the delicate designs in which soft ribbons were woven through clothing and tied together into ribbons.

Lace-up shoes


3. Pointy-toe kitten heels

The casual and chic sneakers that were everywhere last season have now been replaced with something decidedly more elegant. The kitten heel is back, bringing its unique brand of sophisticated style back to the streets. These classy and comfortable vintage shoes are perfect for every occasion. They can be paired with cigarette pants for the office, a dress for dinner, a pleated midi skirt for lunch, or even jeans for the weekend. No matter what you choose, this fashionable type of shoe is sure to highlight your outfit. Just choose a pointed toe version for maximum maturity.

Point-toe kitten heels


4. Fishnet stockings

You may have seen fishnet stockings here and there this year, but now it’s really time to pay attention. The classic stocking style was everywhere during Fall / Winter 2017 Fashion Weeks and is a must for the season. Whether they were combined with a dress, a skirt or even under pants with pumps, fishnet stockings gave outfits a seductive touch. Stockings weren’t the only items of clothing to wear fishnet stockings this season. Ladies also rocked mesh tops and socks. If you’re wearing the trend yourself, choose either a tight knit style for a chic and elegant look or large graphic gaps for a more eye-catching effect.

Fishnet stockings


5. Racing stripes

leisure and sporty luxury styles continue to dominate the streets and will surely have a place in your fall / winter wardrobe. So what’s the new must-have for athletes? Racing stripes. This season you can expect sporty-inspired stripes everywhere. They appear not only on typical sporty clothing such as sweaters and training pants, but also in unexpected places. Whether it’s short work trousers or even a dress, there are racing stripes this season. To make the most of the trend, choose eye-catching designs with bold lines on a contrasting basis.

Racing stripes


6. Ring carrier pockets

Every show season, the street style stars introduce the most coveted new bag styles that we can put on our wish-list. For A / W ’17 this new “it” bag is undoubtedly the ring carrier bag. With a tough, usually metal ring in place of a handle, these stylish designs reinvent what a bag normally looks like. The circular shape and unexpected hardware add an element of surprise and modernity to even the most understated styles. While your classic black leather shoulder bag is in no danger of being replaced, this bag should be added to your collection as a statement style for weekends and evenings.

Ring carrier bags


7. Seat belts

When it comes to fashion trends, “sure” is not a word that you hear often. Sure is boring, isn’t it? Well not anymore. This fall / winter season, street style stars put safety first and buckled up. Seat belts and seat belt buckles became the new fashionable way of fastening on the streets of London and Paris. The chunky and functional details were discovered on garments such as coats, tops and dresses, as well as accessories such as belts and bags. Whether they were practical and adjustable, or just for decoration, these straps and buckles gave the outfits an edge that was appropriate for a thrill seeker.

Seat belts


8. Sculptural statement earrings

Now that you know which shoes and bags are about to rock you, it’s time to turn your attention to the jewelry you are about to wear. This season, jewelry trends build on a growing preference for statement earrings, turning the accessory into a work of art. This season’s must-have styles eschew bold, jeweled designs for more sculptural styles and offer unique shapes and forms. While circles and hoops are naturally there, they are layered, linked, and revised to create new shapes and styles. More undefined shapes are also used to leave the wearer with an individualistic and incredibly artistic accessory.

Sculptural statement earrings


9. Vintage check blazers and coats

Classic and completely nostalgic vintage check blazers and coats conquered the streets in the last A / W ’17 fashion weeks. Women from Paris to London rocked the retro style with confidence and charisma. While some versions looked borrowed from the boys, others were naturally more feminine. In either case, both offered an old world charm. To rock this trend yourself, go for a beige, tan or cream, blazer or coat with a tartan print. Add shoulder pads and double-breasted buttons for a traditional vintage feel, or opt for padded coats with oversized pockets for a more modern twist.

Vintage check blazers and coats


10. XXL collar and lapels

Fashion loves to play with proportions and reinvent designs with a new sense of balance. What is usually large is often made tiny, and what is generally small is enlarged to be oversized. While last year the sleeves were stretched and made unnaturally long, 2017 is all about extra large collars and lapels. For no other reason than a stylish appearance, XXL collars are becoming a major trend. From wool coats with oversized lapels to leather jackets with double collars, this look encompasses a range of essential garments that transform into statement styles.

XXL collar and lapel



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