Top 10 Street Style Trends From Spring/Summer 2018 Fashion Weeks

Top street style trends from Spring Week 2018 Fashion Weeks

If you’re looking for style inspiration, hit the streets this Fashion Week season. From power blazers and ski sweaters to velvet pants and bold stripes, garments in Milan, Paris, London and New York were eye-catchers and a statement. The street style stars showed a penchant for excess and took their looks to the edge of over-the-top without ever going over it. As a result, numerous new trends have emerged. So when you’re ready to add some excitement to your wardrobe, check out these top ten street style trends from Spring / Summer 2018 Fashion Weeks.

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1. Checked power blazer with shoulder pads

During the return of the 90s fashion Maybe it’s still going strong, there was a notable ’80s item in the mix this season. Yes, the Power Blazer is back. With fashionable shoulder pads, this fashionable staple from 30 years ago is back in trend. To rock it yourself, choose a style with a vintage plaid design and an oversized silhouette. You can even borrow a blazer from the guys if needed. Then combine it with skinny jeans or a skirt and heels.

Checked power blazer


2. Side stripe pants

Racing stripes aren’t just for cars. According to the street style set, they are also suitable for pants. Perfect for power walking from one fashion show to the next. Side stripe pants were spotted on the streets this month. Be sure to try a pair this season for a stylish and flattering look. The statement pants that have a leg extension effect look best in dark tones with one or two bold side stripes. All you have to do is choose your ideal style, be it cigarette pants, straight leg pants, or even jeans.

Side stripe pants


3. Ski sweater

Don’t worry if you don’t travel to the Alps soon. You can still rock your favorite ski sweater. Thanks to courageous designers and courageous dressers, these sweaters seem to have gone from ugly to fantastic overnight. While there are many options to choose from, the best of this weird group feature eye-catching knit patterns and logos around the neck and shoulders. Wear them on the slopes, on vacation or just for brunch for a fun outfit.

Ski sweater


4. Enlarged points

The street style was undoubtedly louder, brighter and bolder for the Spring / Summer 18 show season. Even the simple polka dots were enlarged to inevitable proportions. Whether on a top, a dress or a pair of pants, these enlarged points were immediately the focus of every outfit. These Dalmatian-style dots, most often spotted in a traditional monochrome design, add great fun to the look while maintaining a sleek aesthetic.

Enlarged points


5. Velvet pants

Surplus and velvet go hand in hand, so it’s no surprise the luxurious fabric was an integral part of this fashion month. The material could be seen on wide legs and flared trousers and gave the outfits a decadent and glamorous touch. Of course, it wasn’t just the texture of these velvet pants that made them a standout style. Bold colors have also helped make these pants a new top trend. To rock the look yourself, pair velvet pants with a simple sweater or t-shirt for a standout daytime ensemble.

Velvet pants


6. Statement suits

The statement suit, which exudes power and attracts attention, was a natural favorite for those attending the S / S ’18 fashion shows. Far from your ordinary black pant suit, these stylish two-piece designs were bold and daring. While some featured eye-catching animal prints, others were accented with patterns or stripes. If you want to try this trend for yourself but prefer a subtle style, you can split the suit and wear either the blazer or pants.

Statement suits


7. Stripes in bold

Subtle and minimal were two words that street style avoided this season. Instead, they hugged each other loudly and maximally, as evidenced by the choice of striped clothes. These striped styles with thick lines and intense colors were daring and chic. Whether dress, top, skirt or pants, these articles were all eye-catching and almost fascinating. To add even more intensity, several street style stars have also decided to include metallic accessories in their stripes.

Stripes in bold


8. Balloon sleeves

The fashion industry has favored statement sleeves for a while now and it looks like they are continuing their fondness for big, bold, and unique arms. This season is all about the balloon envelope. Similar to last season’s Bishop sleeves, the balloon sleeve is rounded and has a tight, snug-fitting cuff. Due to its unusual shape, this sleeve style immediately attracts attention and becomes a standout feature of any outfit.

Balloon sleeves


9. Ruffled dresses

In keeping with the “more is more” theme, this season’s dresses have been given an additional portion of fabric with ruffles. Draped and flowing, these gorgeous designs added an ethereal touch to the street style of the month. If a statement suit or power blazer is too intense for your taste, try a ruffle dress instead. The trend, which takes on the trendy new style more softly, is perfect for women who like a feminine aesthetic. To wear the look, simply choose a midi or maxi dress made from lightweight fabric and a loose silhouette.

Ruffled dresses


10. Trans-Seasonal Layering

For those who haven’t subscribed to the cult of bold colors, prints and silhouettes this season, there was another option. Layering offered the perfect alternative to statement styles, creating complex looks without overly detailed designs. This trend is ideal for cross-season clothing. It’s easy to rock and doesn’t require expensive purchases. All you have to do is mix up items from your spring / summer wardrobe like skirts and dresses with items from your fall / winter closet like sweaters and jeans. The result will be a seriously stylish look with lots of intriguing elements.

Trans-Seasonal Layering



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