Top Fashion Trends of 2016 (Which Ones are Here to Stay)

2016 fashion trends

With the end of 2016, it’s time to start thinking about the fashion year. From statement sleeves to pajama dressing, there have been a number of trends this year that we won’t soon forget. The evolution of street style to a new level, minimal casual wear went to the max in 2016 and we loved it. Brave and unexpected, at the same time relaxed and casual, Fashion trends 2016 ticked all the fashion boxes. Which of these trends will you continue to tick in 2017? Well, here’s the rundown of which trends deserve to stay in your wardrobe for the New Year and which ones to retire or revamp.

Statement Sleeves – (Stay)

Statement cases were undoubtedly one of the biggest trends for 2016, and luckily, they’re likely to continue in 2017 as well. As topless and bell styles continue to dominate the streets and shops, new shapes are emerging. Drop sleeves add a relaxed and oversized styling element to this statement trend and are perfect for layering. Tied sleeves maximize the details and take that look further into uncharted territory. As for split sleeves, they are slated to be the new must-have next year. Split styles deconstruct and open traditional sleeves into new shapes and offer a reinterpretation of this trend by taking away fabric instead of adding it.

Statement sleeves trend

Ruffles and folds – (stay)

Ruffles and pleats dominated the runways in Spring / Summer 2017, showing that they will be huge in the New Year. While the design feature has already become very popular in recent months, this trend is still in its infancy. You can expect a lot more from this style next year as it continues to grow. The definition of ruffle in fashion certainly no longer means a dainty ruffle or a slight wave at the hem. In 2017 this means unusual, unexpected and inevitable material manipulations. This trend is not satisfied with being in our clothing, it will soon find its way into our shoes and bags as well.

Ruffles and pleats

Unexpected stratification – (Stay)

Fashion feeds on the unexpected and will continue this modern shift trend in the new year. While it may have started in 2016 with a reincarnation of the 90s slip dress and t-shirt, this trend has evolved into something completely different. The blurring of borders and boundaries has taken an unexpected and exciting turn. The art of layering has become abstract and yet beautiful by combining retro with modern, tailored with relaxed design and constantly deconstructing and reconstructing designs. Fabrics that convey different styles are pitted against each other to create a completely new one, while long and loose silhouettes of textured designs are wrapped and tied to create unique shapes.

unexpected stratification trend

Pleated and Pleated Garments – (Stay)

From the runways to the streets, pleated skirts were discovered everywhere in 2016. The pleated trend will continue in 2017 as the focus shifts beyond simple skirts to pleated pants, tops and dresses. The midi length popular in this trend in 2016 continues into the new year and is becoming the ideal length for dresses and trousers. The long and loose silhouette, which goes so well with this trend, remains outstanding even when long pleated culottes become a top investment item. In terms of color, metallics will continue to be popular for this style, but you can expect other, more mellow shades to be introduced as well.

Folds and pleats

Pajama Trend – (Stay)

While it may have looked like a dream, pajamas and pajama-style clothing were a big trend for 2016. From 2017 this trend is expected to continue and move into a more luxurious take on it. Lush velvets, luxurious satins and silks and natural bed linen bring the fabric side of this trend to a new level of quality and decadence. Comfortable shapes and wide-leg styles make silhouettes grow taller, while mixing pajama pieces with textured daywear creates a more sophisticated look. Patterns like checks and stripes are also added to the mix to take this trend to the next level.

Revised pajama trend

Oversized embellishments and details – (Stay)

Oversized embellishments and details are currently “in” on a large scale and will definitely continue through 2017. The name of the game for this trend is minimal design with maximum attention to detail, as over-the-top meets understatement. Extravagant fringes, radical ruffles, extreme fastenings, and decadent embellishments are just a few examples of where this multi-faceted trend is headed. Mix and match luxurious fabrics with shocking elements while spicing up the drama with simple details and designs. Personalize your look and make it unique by mixing in oversized accessories and adding removable pieces. Remember to keep your style refined but let the details get wild.

oversized braids and details

Band tea – (goes)

Band Tee – (Going) Band teas were certainly popular in 2016. This trend caught on not only in the street style set, but also by celebrities. While we’re not sure that these celebs even liked or heard of the bands that were wearing them, they still wore the t-shirts and looked great doing it. From 2017 onwards nobody has to represent bands they don’t like, because the “band tee” trend doesn’t really have any insight into the band. Instead, this trend will include non-music related graphics that are similar to those of band teas. If you stick to the same placement print aesthetic on a plain black or white t-shirt, this trend looks rocky and represents something completely different.

Band t-shirt trend

Patent leather floors – (Going)

If this season you are looking for pants that are way trendier than your regular jeans, patent leather pants and skirts are your fashion. Buy a cool pair but don’t spend too much money as this trend is disappearing as fast as it spreads. Expected to only be one season, these bottoms will be in and out of fashion stores before you know it. Short but cute, as long as it lasts, this trend will be one of the coolest of the season. Bold, daring, and a little bit sexy patent leather pants can spice up any outfit and can be paired with a range of looks. We recommend black and red bottoms with lots of sheen to make the most of this trend.

Patent leather bottoms

Cross Earrings – (go)

Cross earrings have become a popular trend in Australia this season. These unique earrings can be seen on many stylish ladies participating in the Spring Race Carnival. They are spreading quickly in the fashion community. If you like this trend, get started quickly. Although they may be available in all typical fast fashion stores right now, cross earrings are expected to decline in popularity in 2017. While this isn’t a long-term trend, cross earrings can be used after a quick injection of style and make an affordable solution this season. Simply choose between large and bold designs or sleek and minimalist designs to give your outfit a suitably chic accessory addition.

Cross earrings trend

Fur pom poms – (goes)

It’s time to say goodbye to your fur bobbles as this trend lags behind in 2016 fashion history. Fur pompons were very popular all year round and were a fun accessory and a must have. However, now they have had their day and have us ready to move on. Originally serving as a cute charm for women’s handbags, this trend started with a simple ball of colored fluff. This ball then evolved into furry characters and monsters with eyes and ears. Eventually, however, these creations have disappeared from the streets, leaving room for other unique handbag accessories that will take their place next year.

Fur pompons


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